Espro P3 950ml


> 950ml
> Dubbele micro filter


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The ESPRO French Press transforms the daily coffee routine into a unique and reliable brewing experience without coffee grounds or over-extraction.

ESPRO uses two micro-mesh filters to strain the coffee grounds, resulting in smoother, grit-free coffee. The double micro-filter is surrounded by a silicone lip that runs along the rim to create a tight seal when the plunger down. This seal dramatically slows down extraction of the coffee, so the brew doesn't get bitter over time.


  1. Doe grof gemalen koffie in de French Press (50 gram per liter)
  2. Voeg heet water toe (92º - 95º) en roer goed door
  3. Zet de deksel erop met de filter omhoog
  4. Wacht 4 minuten en duw de filter omlaag
  5. Schenk uit en geniet!